Sunday evening rambles

I’m tired.  I did too much this weekend and I’m paying for it.  You would think I would learn by now but I haven’t.  If you were wondering, cancer still sucks.  On the bright side, I have my second to last chemo this Wednesday. Whoop!

I’m preparing a blog schedule so I can keep up with what I thought would be a daily process.  My chemo brain needs a written schedule since apparently I can’t remember a damn thing.  The fact that I’m even thinking about a schedule is a step in the right direction.

Little things can make me so happy.  One of the goals I try to accomplish each day is to stop and be thankful for all the little happy things that make up my life.  Even though cancer sucks, I still have so much to be happy about in life…

  • Watching Aggie football.
  • Holding hands with Hubs.
  • Snuggling with Bean in the morning.
  • Taking my first photography class.

Hope all is well in your world. Have a great week!