Review: Pretty Little Dreams by Jennifer Miller


Pretty Little Dreams cover

By: Jennifer Miller

Release Date: January 13, 2014
Source: From Author to Review

There is a place in all of us where our deepest secrets lie in wait for their moment to surface, and surface they will.

After living through a real live nightmare, Olivia wants nothing but to forget. Forget and move on. But how do you forget something that has stained your soul and forces you to lie to your loved ones? Even if your intentions are to spare them the horrors of the truth?

Luke knows Olivia is not as recovered as she would have him believe. He can see the pain she tries to keep hidden behind her eyes, and knows she has not told him everything. But how do you save someone who won’t let you in? Where shame holds Olivia captive, Luke suffers through the guilt of not protecting the one person he loves more than anything.

Can two people who have suffered so dearly find a way to come together or will they risk the dreams they have placed in each other’s hearts? Can love find a way where forgiveness cannot?


Stunned!  That was absolutely me at the end of Jennifer Miller’s debut novel Pretty Little Lies.  A cliffhanger that I totally loved!  Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long to find out more about Olivia and Luke.  I was immediately captivated by Pretty Little Dreams from the very beginning.  I desperately wanted to know what would happen to this beautiful couple.  Jennifer did a wonderful job of telling Olivia’s and Luke’s stories through alternating points of view for each chapter.  I felt the different points of view helped give the reader much more insight into Olivia and Luke and their struggle to find their way.  Things aren’t easy for these two….but I know I would LOVE to have Luke help me when I’m down.  Olivia is a very lucky lady.  No review of this book would be complete without mentioning the wonderful best friend, Pyper.  She is a spectacular character…….loyal, fun and fabulous.  This story has so much to offer….romance, friendship, action, angst, and schmexy times too!  Pretty Little Dreams is a GREAT story!  I know you’ll love it too!

4 daisies


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