Hug Your Librarian


I spent most of the day today volunteering in Bean’s school library.  Over the summer, termites were discovered in the library so all the books had to be moved to the cafeteria.  Yikes!  Now, all the books have to be moved back into the library and properly shelved.  Also, all the other tasks that would have normally been done over the summer need to be done……organizing, preparing for new students, inventory and many other things.  I was amazed at the amount of times a new book has to be touched just to get it placed on the shelf for the first time.  I guess my point is the school librarian is BUSY!  The librarian doesn’t just shelve books and read to the kids.  If you have the chance to volunteer in your child’s school library, I guarantee you the librarian will be thankful for the help.

Book stack

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